eco-fabric like no other


Our eco-fabrics are made with only the finest raw materials. Social justice and the environment is at the core of what we do. The pina fabric is made exclusively with preserving ecology in mind. The fibers of the pina fabric is beautifully created from the leaves of the pineapple plant. 

A pineapple plant bears a single pineapple fruit each harvest season. And in normal pineapple farming practices, it is typical that some farmers would discard the leaves of the pineapple plant after each harvest. We give the leaves new life and purpose - to cultivate beauty through great design.

The carefully crafted pina fabric were traditionally made into expensive traditional attire or given as worthy gifts to royalty. The pina cloth is deemed the 'queen of all fabrics'. In 1982, a pina handkerchief was gifted to Queen Alexandra of Great Britain as a wedding gift, commemorating her marriage to King Edward VIII. Grover is redefining this old traditional process by blending it with eco-friendly, organic cotton and luxurious silks and creating unique, flow and feel. We ensure top-notch quality, uniqueness and elegant designs in all of our products.




We work with women entrepreneurs, small businesses and co-operatives around the world, and believe that the only way we can create beautiful and high-quality products is through collaboration.